What do we do?

Our main service we offer our clients is the multilingual DTP service. However, we are still extending the range of our services.

So, to be more concrete, we are doing the following things:

  • DTP (on many formats, including docx, pptx, xlsx, indd, qxp, ai, psd, xps, cdr, fm, dwg etc.)
  • OCR (conversion from graphics, scans, pdfs to docx)
  • implementing linguistic comments
  • QA on the files DTPed by other clients
  • localization of software, websites
  • conversions (for example from indd to fm, docx to indd or fm etc.)
  • estimations
  • other services after a training

We can perform projects in any language around the world (including RTL, Asian, Cyrylic or CE).

Besides, we make other types of projects like websites localization, software localization etc. We love challenges and we are happy if clients is interested giving us new projects, trainings, advices…